Color Revisited: Pink

Ah, Tuesday! You are here! I am so glad to be able to reconnect with other Slicer’s today!  I have missed the community over the last few days. Tuesdays definintely have a feel for it has been writer’s circle day for me since January.

Today, my writer’s circle students should come to our meeting with their color poems finished. We have been working on them for two weeks now. All six of them had a great start to their poem last week.  Today, we will work on transferring their work to a final copy after a quick proof-read and edit. Then, the students will work on illustrating their work. I am hoping to be able to share a few of their poems in the near future.

Today, I will share with you and my students the finished “Pink” poem I wrote while they were working on their pieces. If you haven’t tried color poems, you should – it is always a great exercise!


Frilly, pink tutus made of tulle floating by on stage, all the while

dainty tea roses fill the air with their heavenly scent.

Fuchsia painted lips smile at me through the theater darkness as

usherettes sell sticky, sweet cotton candy in a glowing pink hue.

Pink sugar melts quickly on the changing color of my tongue, only to

be washed down with pink lemonade when the performance is done.

Pink is the sand on the famous Bermuda Beach, so soft and warm on my toes.

  Pink is the sunset on the same beach at dusk,  the world aglow as darkness deepens.

Pink in the palest of shades are the cherry blossoms opening in early

spring, or the raised skin where your finger touched the hot oven.

The color of a ribbon no woman wants is pink. Yet, pink is hope

for your sister and mine as we join in support to win this fight.

Pink is laughter floating freely across a crowd, contagious as the light

lacey rash on your forearm in the spring.

Pink is the rose milkweed blossom, planted behind our barn to beckon

the monarchs to stop awhile to visit on their journey South.

Pink, the color of femininity and spring, babies and tutus, bubble gum and lemonade.

Laughter in the sunsets on the pink sand beach.

Pink makes me warm, the foretelling of anger, embarrassment, or

pride.  Its hue deepening with the intensity of my emotion.

11 thoughts

  1. Wow, so many sensory images in this poem! If I had to pick a favorite line, I think I would choose this one: “Pink is the sunset on the same beach at dusk, the world aglow as darkness deepens.” Gorgeous! Imagery, alliteration, comparison…so lovely! Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. I wrote a post about color poems earlier in March and referenced the book I use for a Model Text. If you are interested, the author gives some wonderful examples and was my inspiration. Check out that previous post for more info.

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  2. I have never written color poems before, and I loved your pink one. Color is so evocative, and your students must come up with some great images while they concentrate on their chosen color. The line about the palest pink cherry blossoms opening made me smile as I remembered bringing my son home from school today as the cherry blossoms started to fall in the breeze. “Look, Mom, it looks like pink snow. If we were in a forest of cherry trees, it would be so beautiful!”

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