Gray: A color poem

via Daily Prompt: Gray

I worked on Color Poems with my Third Grade Writer’s Circle this March. No one picked to write about Gray, so here is what I did today, after seeing the prompt. Usually, I encourage my young poets not to worry about rhyme, stressing that flow and imagery are more important factors. This poem does offer some rhyme that will probably appeal to my young writer’s as an example.


Gray – it sounds like a cold, cold winter sky.

But, it is also the warm ash we use to make our toes feel dry.

Grey can be spelled different for you and I.

a or e, it is no different, and cannot lie.

Gray is among the newest of color trends,

with chevrons,

and paisleys,

and houndstooth checks that all blend.

Grey are soft pussy willows, blooming in spring

ushering all the other brighter colors to be.

Gray is a fog, mental or real,

actually, neither has any appeal.

Gray is a color that never ends.

Endless, Infinity, and Boring, too.

Oh why, oh why, do I seem to like you?


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Gray

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