Life of a Garden Club, A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Survive

Evergreen Garden Club.

Founded September 2004 – Concluded May 2017.

The Life of a Garden Club that is Evergreen,

Twelve is the times the Butterfly Garden has been planted by students unseen

The Monarch Way Station Sign is seen but not read, signaling a special precaution to

those who truly care:  Don’t spray this space, is what is implied,

it is here to offer hope for a another species to survive.

The milkweed has erupted, but lonely still

awaiting the visit leaving an egg on its leaf.

Perennials already tall, verdant is the color that comes to call.

In spots, overcrowded, in spots it is bare –

Just like my heart – laying open, if you care.

The winter plow has done its damage again, just like year upon previous year

with the side-walk remaining cracked and unfixed.

How long before it is mended? We’ll see. It obviously has taken its share of kicks.

Our old tree stump is joined by a healthy new tree,

adding another memory of loss and what was only to be.

The students still have awe and wonder in their eyes,

it is I who is tearing as I bid them good-bye.

It is time to move on, but the growth will not stop.

The students, the plants, and I will survive, even if

Evergreen Garden Club now only exists in our minds.


Inspired by Evergreen Garden Club and the Daily Prompt: Survive


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