It just flowed out of me……

“Gross,” you might say!

“No, not really,” I would reply.

I was referring figuratively to my creative juices yesterday afternoon. Once in a while, and it has been less frequent of late, everything just falls into place when I am creating.

Yesterday, it happened when I sat down to make jewelry. I have also had it happen when I am writing. With writing, I work through a lot of possibilities in my head before I even put the pen to the page or start to type.

The problem with creating jewelry, as I have found over the dozen years I have been doing it, is that you need all the supplies at your finger tips to be able to really move along and finish a design in one sitting. Yesterday, that happened for me! In the space of an hour and a half, I made three necklaces and repaired a bracelet for a friend. Everything just fell together. The designs, one simple and two complex, just flowed out of my head, through my hands, and into the pieces.  Every spacer bead, clasp, and coordinating bead were on my workbench. I knew where to find the components, had a supply of each,  their size and color was a perfect fit for each piece. And, my workbench is a mess!

Today, I am still swimming in the success of my time spent on jewelry yesterday.  Maybe, I can experience this again soon!  I am realistic enough not to expect it, but one can hope.  I was happy, relaxed, and did not feel the need to force anything – I guess there is a lesson for me there. Relax, concentrate, be prepared, and good things will come.

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