If I had a warning label….


If I came with a warning label, this is what it would say:


Extreme intensity on topics inciting passion,

Including, but not limited to:

The Environment,

Monarch Butterflies,

K-12 Education,


Equity, and


Proceed with conversational caution,

knowing the connection might last several hours, or

result in overflowing emotions with unintelligible speech and lack of rationality.

Known to burst out laughing, crying, or even singing, but not simultaneously.

Will calm self over time.

Potentially volatile. Best taken in small doses.


Thanks to the blog Brave and Reckless for sponsoring writing challenges, of which this is my response to one!  #bravewarninglabelchallenge








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      1. Hi, again. I clicked the reblog button on my settings to allow this. Thank you for the suggestion. I have always only done ping backs to the WordPress Daily Prompt and those have worked in the past. I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you let me know if you can now see the reblog option on my post? Thanks. I hope this works. Obviously, part of participating in challenges in the ability to reach and gain more readers, which is utlimately what I was after by participating in your challenge. Thank you!

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