A Door is Just a Door, or Is It Just Our Door?

We have been residing our house, or rather, my husband has been residing our house. I have not done anything with the exception of questioning a few things, which got me in trouble, of course.  It is nearly done and looks fabulous!  There really isn’t a home improvement project my hubby cannot tackle.  He has done a great job and is in what most would call the “home stretch”. A few pieces of the new siding need to be placed on the peak of our north side and the job is almost complete. Unfortunately, for me, what I would consider one of the most important features of the job will be the last to be done. It is our front door alcove.  It is also still awaiting siding as well as a new front door.

We have come full circle with the door options. I saw one I liked, in stock, at one of our local home improvement stores.  It went with our new “craftsman” like facade.   But, then my husband asked me to look at the building supply store (where contractors go) catalog of doors since we had a credit from them on our “tab”.  Reluctantly, I looked. Mostly, this was because the books were delivered to me by my husband to peruse. I flipped blindly through the book and landed on a page with a door I liked. Looking further, I noted that the price for this door was not available in the catalog, nor were the prices of any other door they pictured.  This meant trouble. No price means expensive price. Sure enough,  when my husband had to return to the supply store, he inquired about the chosen door just out of curiosity, even though I had not said I wanted it (which I truly did not).  I was prepared for an outrageous price. And, when my husband came home, he delivered the news. The price was outrageous! Thousands of dollars for a door!  This was exactly what my initial reluctance was about concerning the “looking” at what the building supply store had to offer.

You see, considering an item’s price, for me (us) is part of the decision-making process. Without open access to prices, I knew we were not going to even consider what they had to offer. Back to the home improvement store and online shopping for a door, I returned.  We were not looking to make a statement with our door. We just felt that since we were replacing the siding with a color/style that reflected us and not the previous owners, we should also replace the front door.  I do want a nice door. I want a door to match the style and color of our new siding and exterior lights. But, are we making a statement with our door?

I honestly hope not. I want our door to do what any other door does. A door opens so one can walk through. A door protects those inside from the elements that exist outside. It keeps family and friends in and malevolent strangers out. It should be attractive but not ostentatious, and certainly not thousands and thousands of dollars. A door is just a door, right? Or is it a statement?

We still have not purchased the door. Upon further inspection, our current “old” door has a less than popular wider “jam”.  So, now that has to be considered as well.  There has been so much consideration about this new door, I am starting to feel like it will never live up to all we want and need it to be.  It needs to have some windows for light and visibility. It needs to match the new colors of the siding.  I want it to come pre-finished, just come home be ready to be hung. It needs to have the wider jam. It needs to be affordable. I need to like it.

What door meets those requirements? The door I first chose. We will go back and get that door. It might not be a statement but it will be the finishing touch on the siding job. And, it will be affordable but lovely.  It will be our door. So, I guess a door is not just a door, but much more, because it is our door.


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