What Books am I Reading? (In other words, The Books Belonging to a Blogger.)

Like many, I keep books I am reading or want to read next to my bed. There are two stacks, not made up of any particular sense. And, one I am using for my tea-cup or water-glass coaster at night.  Recently, I tried to weed out the stacks, with the intent of re-shelving some of the books that I started but haven’t cared to finish. I did not get very far. Most of the titles went back into their piles to wait for me to crack them open.

Books on my Nightstand

In this first stack, the book American Earth is what I am currently reading. I got this as a present for Christmas.  Learning about environmental history in my last course was interesting and we had to read a couple of excerpts from this anthology.  Esteemed authors include Thoreau, Rachel Carson, Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, Adlo Leopold, E.O. Wilson, Alan Durning, J.N. Ding Darling, John Steinbeck, Terry Tempest Williams,  and more. At over 1,000 pages it will long be kept on my nightstand with the intention of receiving hope and inspiration when I need it.

American Earth sits atop a Sue Grafton novel, T is for Trespass. This popular author just passed away last month at the age of 77. She wrote an entire series of books starting with each letter of the alphabet. A title containing the letter Y was her last completed novel. I  started the book during the holidays but have not finished. It seems like a good read for when I would like to relax.

The Gratitude Power Workbook and the book entitled Mindfulness in Plain English have not been read. I bought the gratitude book at a time I needed reminding to be grateful and borrowed the mindfulness book from my college aged son. I am not sure I will get to either of these before I have the urge to clear off my nightstand again.

At the bottom is The Gift of Dyslexia and Living with Intensity. I have read both of these books, but not in their entirety. Both were interesting reads that I purchased due to an interest in each of the subjects. One applies to me personally, and one does not, but holds my interest due to a number of personal factors. I could probably shelve both, at this point.

More Books

The other stack of books include one by Mark Twain that my mom thought I would enjoy and gave to me on a visit home this past fall. I have not yet read it. The prayer-book, also from my mom, is used – although, I have to admit, not daily.  Fever 1793 is a book off my son’s bookshelf. I do like adolescent fiction and historical fiction and read books such as Fever 1793 when I want something a little different. I have not yet read it, however.  And, Habit Stacking is a book I bought when I wanted to provide some guidance on organization to a family member. As luck would have it, I have not needed to use the book as this individual bought a book of their own to help them “get organized”.


Lastly, is Joy Write by Ralph Fletcher. I bought this at the suggestion of a teacher who also blogs for the TwoWritingTeachers.org and their Slice of Life Tuesday forum.  Purchased when I fully intended to have my Third Grade Writer’s Circle this year, it is a great read with many practical ideas that if instituted will return the joy of writing to our students – Mr. Fletcher offers some definitively out of the box thinking that inspires. I think it is a must read for any elementary teacher today. Unfortunately, I do also use it as a coaster. (Sorry!) But, it is a book I will keep for reference far into the future.


There you have it! The books on my nightstand, some of which are being read and others that might just be holding a place in the stack until the next time I clean off my bedside table.  They say to be a writer, you need to be a reader! I feel that is so true! The more I read, the more upon which I have to write!

What books are on your bedside table?

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