Currently, I’m……..sol#18

Last week, a fellow educator-blogger wrote a currently post with a twist. Since it was enjoyable to read, I thought I would give my own currently list post a try.

Currently, I’m…….

Eating……Raspberry Yogurt

Drinking…..Hot Black Tea

Sitting ….. in my Den off my Kitchen

Watching…. the cursor blink on my computer screen

Reading ……T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton

Listening to ……the snow plow clear the new road next to our yard

Sensing …… the quietness of the house after the boys leave for school

Thinking about …… my research study & the now closed data collection window

Anticipating …… getting out of the house today

Celebrating …… my husband’s last day of shift work after 30 years

Thanking ….. the gracious people who will serve as a reference for me

Feeling ….. the coziness of my pumpkin colored fleece blanket on my legs

Considering ….. getting my day started

Creating …… some new jewelry

Storing …… holiday decorations

Waiting ….. to start new courses for this term

Feeling ….. content, happy, and grateful

Besides being inspired by wahooliteracyteacher’s blog last week, I wanted to keep my writing short today. Yesterday, I wrote quite a lengthy post on some Advice on Choosing an Elementary School, which was partially in response to a question I received recently.  And, last Wednesday, I wrote about writing shorter blog posts, which was something I thought I would set as a goal for the upcoming Slice of Life Challenge.  If you have time, you can check out those posts too!

Thanks to  and the Slice of Life: Tuesday posting opportunity to connect with other educator-bloggers. I am approaching a year of blogging and have found much support and openness in this community.





4 thoughts

  1. I can relate with several of these. Listening to the snow plow as it just went by. This is rare because we live on a dead-end street! Anticipating getting out of the house today – three snow days are about to do me in! Waiting to start new courses – I just finished my first semester and I am waiting to accelerate! This currently prompt is a great one to keep in the idea tank! Thanks for sharing your moments!

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    1. Thanks for your comments! I can imagine many can relate to the snow plow this winter! I am taking my second to last semester of grad courses…..hoping to finish in December of ’18! Good Luck to you in your new semester!


  2. I love this post! I’m so glad that last week’s post provided a topic for you today! I think your last line was perfect-what a great way to end the slice!

    Your mention of the upcoming courses resonated as I am about to embark on teaching my first university-level class. I spent some time today reviewing materials and looking forward to getting started.

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    1. Good Luck! I taught nursing at the university level at two different institutions… an accelerated RN to BSN program at Johns Hopkins and graduate students in a Family Nurse Practitioner Program in a small school in New York State. I really enjoyed both positions and hope you do too!

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