Random Stuff instead of a Rant

I really, really feel like going on a rant! But, the last time I did that, my post got me into some hot water because someone decided to “share”. It is still hysterical to me that I think that post is the only thing I have written that has been “shared”.  Oh, well.

So instead of going on a rant, in the interest of saving myself a headache, I decided just to post some random things.

Random Topic #1 – Found Tea Bags

Last night, I cleaned out a large corner desk we bought our oldest son when he became a virtual high school student seven years ago! I cannot even believe we’ve had the desk seven years but given that he completed high school and college and is now a first year grad student, it truly has been seven years! The memories contained in the desk made me laugh – old pep band music, old AP study guides, a college scholarship book from 2012, many different novelty coffee mugs, a few model cars and precious geodes, as well as a stack of books. I sorted, saved, and pitched what was not worth putting aside. But, the largest find was two containers of tea bags!!!!!  I knew he had taken tea to college, and I knew – at some point that he had left some tea at home – But, somehow I thought it was all just in one canister! Nope! Two canisters full of tea bags!

I was able to stuff them all into a gallon zip lock bag…. I will have to ask him if he would like some of it back! I love tea, too, but really, I think it would take me a very long time to drink all the tea in this bag!

Random Topic #2 – A Drive with a Purpose and a View

Many of you are probably familiar with Ashley Furniture, and some of you probably have Ashley Furniture in your home!  On a recent visit back to New York to see my family, my sister was able to show off her new sectional sofa to me, and it came from Ashley Furniture. Well, the headquarters of Ashley Furniture is in Arcadia, Wisconsin, not too far from where we live. After being treated to breakfast by friends this morning (thank you), my husband and I drove to Ashley Furniture. We got what we needed and there were some great deals on furniture, too!  Really, though, it was a beautiful day for a drive as you can see by my in-transit photographs:




Random Topic #3 – An Odd Bloom

If you read my blog enough, you realize I am a plant person! I love plants, learning about plants, and teaching children, and even other adults, about plants! So, I have some “odd” plant collections. One collection, my orchids, I have written about several times. But, I also have several varieties of “air plants”.  These plants, otherwise known as tillandsia, have become increasingly popular in recent years. I have about ten plants of several different varieties.  I bought my first set at a huge outdoor flea market outside of Rochester, MN a few years ago. They were fairly expensive. Since then, I have found them at garden supply stores, and even the Wegman’s grocery store in New York State.  These plants are easy to grow and mine seem to bloom regularly. Two weeks ago, one of my smaller varieties bloomed….a very odd, unusual, but still beautiful bloom!


Ahhhhh! This was much better than a rant. Some random tidbits from my day reassures me that life is not so bad. At least not bad enough to publicly rant about it!  It’s all about enjoying the little random things!

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