Share Your World (SYW) 1/23/18 for a Slice of Life (SOL#18) Post

Blogging Challenges, Prompts, and Patterns

During the last eleven months of blogging almost daily, I began to participate in some blogging challenges as well as set a pattern to some of my blogging posts.  One pattern that seemed firmly established until this week was my Silent Sunday posts, within which I only post photograph based on a theme of my choosing. These posts have been some of my most popular and I look forward to creating them. However, sometimes sifting back through thousands of digital files is sometimes both daunting and time-consuming. Some of my favorites of the past year are Sunrise, Sunset and Favorite Places.

The blogging challenges I participated in included The Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge, again based on theme, but of The Daily Post’s choosing. Again, I have enjoyed these and my participation has definitely garnered more followers for my blog. Ping-backs are encouraged, as you link your post to the page offering the challenge. These are primarily offered mid-week.  Examples of my submissions for the words “waiting” and “layered” can be seen by clicking on each. I love words, photography, creativity, and interpretation. So, these challenges are a great fit for me!

And, the challenge you are all familiar with is the challenge that started my blogging journey; The Slice of Life Challenge of last year. March 2017 still ranks my highest month of readership, according to my WordPress Insight page. I continued to offer a slice on Tuesday where sometimes I have comments and sometimes I do not (we are supposed to comment on three other blogs.) Still, I consider Tuesday’s as a special day during the week to connect with other bloggers invested in the world of education. Participation information for this year’s challenge can be found on the blog.

A New Challenge: Share Your World

Yesterday, I found a new challenge offered on a blog that usually offers daily photo challenges. This was called Share Your World. The author, Cee’s Photography, proposes several questions one may use as prompts to enable other bloggers to share their world.  I decided to participate. Here are my responses to the 1/22 SYW Challenge:

List two things you are happy about: 

#1 – It snowed today! It is winter after all and if it is going to be cold, I would like to have some of the “white stuff” around!  The world looks so pretty after a freshly fallen snow!

#2 – My boys seem to have recovered from a bout of this year’s flu! Luckily, it seemed to take only 3 days to get over most of the respiratory symptoms, leaving only some residual headaches. Maybe those doses of Tamiflu helped.

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

Absolutely! I had a whole set of “rocks” from a science kit when I was young – there was pyrite (a favorite due to its glitteriness), limestone, agate, malachite, jasper, lava, sandstone, obsidian, and a geode!  They each had little identification cards that described their “hardness” and other attributes (whether they were igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.  I loved science as a kid and still do!

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? 

I am a hugger to other huggers! Does this make sense? I just mean that I am aware of the people I greet and if I know them to be huggers, I hug. I think I have grown into being a hugger.  We have friends that upon meeting us for the first time, hugged us! They are definitely huggers. We hug them in return, to say both hello and good-bye. However, we have other friends, known to us for sometime that we have never hugged.  It is strange. You can just get the feeling that they want to preserve their “space.” It is important to realize this if you are a hugger. Some people just do not like to be hugged!

What inspired me this week? 

Glorious Sunrises. Almost each day this week, we experienced a burst of early morning color in the Eastern sky, just before sunrise. The days are getting longer!

January Sunrise 18

Inspiration is also due to: Cee’s Photography  and Slice of Life Tuesday for 1/23/18

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    1. Thanks! At times it might feel as if I am somewhat disjointed but the photographic challenges allow me to show off some of my photography and also gives me a little break from the written word! Grateful for your comment!


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