Have You Ever: Gotten lost going to a familiar store right where you live?

Headed out I knew I was not going to be able to find the store on my first attempt. I would get lost. Not lost in the sense that I did not know where I was but lost in that I would not arrive at my desired destination without making some wrong turns and end up going in a very circuitous route.  I was determined that I would not let it happen again! I would get there today, directly, from my house to the furniture store.  But, deep down, I had my doubts. I had a sense of deja vu!

While driving, I kept visualizing where this store was located. I could see the bridge, actually an overpass, and the road that bore off to the left to allow for on-street parking. I laughed to myself while I replayed the first time we were told to visit this store, shortly after moving here 19 years ago. We were looking for a dining room set and upon visiting the local Slumberland Furniture store, then located behind McDonald’s, we were told – “Oh, you need to go to The Board Store!” The very young salesman, probably no more than eighteen, gave us quick directions to get there after we said, “What?” and “Where?” and “What’s it called, again?” We ended up having to explain we were new to the area.

And, maybe that is when it started – my inability to know the difference of the exact locations of Rose St., George St., and Copeland Avenue! The Board Store is a furniture store located on one of those streets!  After multiple times of getting lost while trying to get to this store in the past, I did not even bother to look up the address or run map-quest directions. Because, I was SURE I could do it. After all, we’ve lived here 19 years and I have been in the store several times and driven by the store, possibly hundreds more!

Yet, as I drove, I found myself turning off Route 35 and onto George Street. This is right, I told myself! It only took me a couple of miles to realize that no, it was not correct. The store is not on George Street. A quick right turn, through the roads of North La Crosse, and down Rose Street I came. I know it’s over here somewhere, I told myself!

Soon, I spied a billboard. It said, “The Board Store, take the next left onto Copeland Avenue.”  The problem was that the next left was not Copeland Avenue, nor was the next, or the next. I ended up making a left at a light and suddenly found myself going over a strip of road that traverses the Black River!  I was going out to French Island! What?! This was definitely not right.

So, I turned around in the parking lot of a bar (there are a lot of those in this part of town), and headed back over the strip of road, over the river, and saw the large steam engine that sits in Copeland Park. I turned right. Within minutes, I saw the familiar bridge rising in front of me with the left lane veering off for parking. I had made it to The Board Store!

I don’t know what it is but I definitely have a mental block when it comes what road I need to follow to arrive at this store without traveling in a big square through North La Crosse.

Next time, I send the google map directions to my phone. Oh yeah, my data doesn’t work!  Well, I will print off the directions – and hopefully, get there via a direct route!

This post is dedicated to all my friends who will laugh at me and just not understand because they grew up here! Rose, George, and Copeland – they’re all the same street, right?!


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