Why Does Grocery Shopping Get Me So Frazzled?

Is it the crowds of aimlessly wandering consumers?

Is it the new store that just doesn’t measure up to my preconceived notions?

Is it the traffic jams in the isles?

Is it making the time to go?

Is it that I never can actually get everything on my list?

Could it be the foul-smelling fish at the seafood counter?

Is it the empty space where the brand of tea I buy usually can be found?

Is it the packaged peppers that are already rotted but still on the shelf?

It is some of those things but more likely to be the following that frustrate me.

It is bagging my own groceries. Why do I insist on trying to do this. I am not good at it.

It is unloading bag upon bag from the car, by myself.

It is getting things put away where they belong. Or cleaning the cupboards before I go?

It is that it takes time away from other things. Yes, but we all have to eat.

It is a thankless job. Yes, until someone appreciates what I cooked.

And, it IS not finding my brand of tea. Over and over I hunt for this.

It is stocked on the shelves, and then, it is not.

It is other cars, and especially the large SUV’s that RACE through the parking lot!

Today, I was frazzled while grocery shopping, as last week and the week before that.

What should I change?!

2 thoughts

  1. I hate that I have to keep going back! Why can’t everything I need be on the list at the same time? How is it that I get home, start putting things away, and discover we’re out of something that never made it in the list the first time?

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    1. Ahhhh…..we are on the same page, my friend. Yes! It can be a nuisance! I was going ALL the time. So, about a month ago I decided to just go on Sunday afternoons. It has cut down on my trips but still came home missing a couple items because the new store isn’t stocking them. Guess I’ll have to ask them to carry my tea bags, but really I think I am headed back to Onalaska on a weekly basis.


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