Driving with Great Music

Driving took up half my day today, traveling from Wisconsin through Minnesota down into central Iowa. I noticed two bald eagles, one perched in a tree right on the Mississippi River near the I-90 expressway and one in Minnesota a couple of hours later, soaring over the snowy prairie fields. I hope they both got a meal. I also saw a couple hawks but what kind they were alluded me – my best guesses would be a Coopers Hawk or Red-Tailed Hawk. They were both perched looking for the gullies on the side of the highway.

To pass time when I drive a greater distance, one that takes more than an hour on the road, I always try to bring along a few CD’s. Today I grabbed an old favorite by the Boston Pops. CD

Many of the songs on here are from old Disney movies, to which I was having a hard time remembering the words. But, I knew the music. I hummed and sang along when I could, usually at the top of my lungs!  It was fun and made the trip go by fast!

Do you ever sing in the car? What type of music do you sing along with? Leave your response in the comment section! Thanks!

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