Using A New Stand Mixer

My blog posts have been somewhat different this month as I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWrtitingTeachers. The challenge is to write every day and share a “little” slice of your life story each of those days for the 31 days in March. Before this challenge started, Sundays were home to my Silent Sunday photographic posts. I haven’t posted those due to this challenge. But, today I decided, for the health of my own blog, since my photography posts are very popular, I will post both.  Usually,  the photo posts have fewer than three sentences, if any at all.  Please stop back if you wish to see those posts. I will not be placing the links on the Slice of Life forum pages hosted by TwoWritingTeachers. Thanks for visiting and reading this explanatory paragraph.

Below, follows my post for Slice of Life.

Recently, I bought a Kitchen Aide stand mixer.  I never had one of these before, despite wanting one for many years. I guess my reasons for not having one was 1) cost, and 2) space to keep it, and 3) my hand-mixer always worked fine. But, we had an amazon gift care to spend and I decided I was going to spend it on the mixer.

The next decision to be made was about which color to get.  I love color, so I definitely was looking for something other than the standard white or cream appliance. My kitchen is teal green. I think the actual paint chip was color was defined as Grecian Ocean. (I’m a sucker for paint chip names.) My husband asked that I keep the mixer on the kitchen counter if I got one. So, I began looking for one that would coordinate with the kitchen. I came down to Black and Aqua. Both were less than $300.00 on Amazon with free shipping.  Usually, I like classic design fixtures and do have a fair amount of black featured in my kitchen appliances. But, our kitchen also faces east and by mid-morning every speck of dust can be seen lingering on those black surfaces. Thinking about facing a stand mixer covered with visible dust daily, quickly crossed it off my list.

I went with the Aqua. Two days later, it arrived and was gently washed and at home in a corner of my kitchen counter space.  Its been sunny over the last few days, and no sign of dust! It seems aqua was a good decision as far as color.

We were invited to a dinner party last night and I offered to bring dessert. I need to “learn” my new mixer so I picked a recipe in which I would need to use it. The stand mixer made quick work of whipping up heavy cream into a light weight, yet stiff peaked dessert topping.  The photo shows the results of my efforts!




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  1. I love your mixer color and your kitchen. You did such a great job describing both. I’m also a sucker for paint chip names. I once grabbed a bunch at the store and let each student pick out 3 colors and create a story around those names. This was a fun slice and your dessert looks amazing!

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    1. Thanks for your comments! I’m glad you liked the post! I love your idea about the paint chip color stories! I had read that somewhere before about doing something like that. I used to have a 3rd grade writer’s circle and think they would have loved paint chip stories! Glad I’m not the only one who likes the chip names!

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  2. Love this color – bought one for me son a few years ago – this color. I have now been able to get matching mixing spoons to go with it. Great fun! I have not gotten one for my self for the same reasons. We also don’t eat desserts or much bread these days so not sure I would use it much but would love to have one. My daughter hauls hers over every once in while when we need it. Enjoy that great machine!

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    1. Just saw some matching spoons in the Kohl’s advertisement! I might have to splurge. I am hoping to use it enough – I do like to bake and still have boys at home who eat anything that is not nailed down! Thanks for your comments today!

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  3. I just got one too and mine is the same color! YES I love it! It took me a whole week to decide on the color- no joke! Now when I watch The Great British Baking Show I get so inspired to make new things! ENJOY IT I love it!

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    1. The color decision is a hard one! Lucky for me, the aqua was the most affordable of the colors I was deciding upon, so that was a bonus (and I think, made my decision easier). I do watch the FOOD Network shows…now I’m ready to experiment, too!


  4. It was fun to read about the thoughts that went into your mixer decisions! My husband and I love our Kitchen Aide, though I do often still like to mix by hand, too.

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