A Little Bit of Garden Clean Up

We were lucky to have a mild weekend here in the midwest. My husband set about pruning our fruit trees.  We have about thirty different trees – apples, cherries, plum, pear, and a couple new peach trees, as well. They really needed severe pruning this year.  Even though my husband prunes yearly, as the trees have gotten bigger, it seems the branches cross more and more.  Fruit trees need to have an openness that will allow light and air to penetrate for a healthy flush of fruit. The tree branches were laden with so much fruit last year, we had some branch breakage.  So, on both Saturday and Sunday hours were spent trimming the fruit trees.  He looked for a fruit tree ladder but could not find one locally. Ordering one from a big box store would work but will not get here until after April 9th –  too late for the pruning sessions.  Smaller suppliers will not ship anything over 4 feet and then, the shipping is as much as the ladder. So, he made one. It is rough but helped him do the job on the smaller semi-dwarf trees.

By  yesterday afternoon, he had moved on to garden clean up. We have several large perennial beds, two of which seem to collect leaves because they are under maples in our back yard.  He invited me to help him when he stopped for lunch but I balked saying that I had a ton of school work to finish and had not gotten to even half of it yet. He shrugged and returned outside. I returned to my schoolwork. But, after a morning and short time into the afternoon spent looking at the computer screen, I developed a headache. So, I decided to join my husband in the garden.

I raked up on of the larger perennial beds and dumped the debris onto a tarp which was then dragged over to the brush fire we had going. Sparks and pops could be heard as the dry brown leaves, seed pods, and evergreen branches burned.

After I finished raking, I filled two bird feeders with fresh seed.  I found my headache was gone, I had helped my husband, and gotten some exercise as well. I guess it is true that “every little bit helps.”

I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March. Thank you to TwoWritingTeachers.org for hosting this blog writing challenge for the 11th consecutive year.  It is the second year of my participation.

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