Do you participate in any other blogging challenges besides the Slice of Life Story Challenge?

A Different Type of Post for Slice of Life

I was having a difficult time this morning deciding what to write about today for my Slice of Life Story Challenge Post.  I consulted a book of quotes and I took photos of a wren making its home in our bluebird house. But, none of the ideas seemed to work for me today. So, I looked at the weekly photo challenge I also participate in as a blogger. It is the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post. As a daily blogger, not just during the month of March for the Slice of Life Challenge, I post nearly each day on different topics. One of my favorite things to post are those topics that show off my love of photography. So, it is natural that I look for blogging challenges that support that hobby as well as the written part of blogging.  I debated whether this post was appropriate for Slice of Life. But, I am writing. I am sharing a slice of my life because I do participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge. So, whether you agree or not, I am using this post for my slice today. You’ll note that it is much longer than the ever popular six word posts that people seem to turn to when they become “stuck”.  I hope you enjoy the theme, my photographs, and the change in pace this slice offers today.

St. George Local Reststop 2017
St. George’s Bermuda. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017. “A Seat in the Square.”

The Daily Post’s Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

At first I thought this challenge would be so easy for me. I thought, hands-down my favorite place is Bermuda. I’ve been there three times in 30 years, the most recent being 2017. And, I would go back again, in a heartbeat.

But, then, I thought of my own yard. The peace I receive in my flower gardens that also serve to provide habitat for my beloved Monarchs. The bright colors, the changing seasons, the place right outside my door.

Johnson’s Blue Geranium. © Carol Labuzzetta
Perennial Garden, Mid-Summer in the Mid-West. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015.

And, lastly, I thought of our cabin. We don’t get there very much any more. Closer than Bermuda and further away by three hours than my front door, it hold many precious memories and is a favorite place, for sure.

Our dock at the cabin. “Up North” © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015.

14 thoughts

  1. Daily blogging is so impressive! I always feel like I’m in such a good routine in March, continue for a few days in April, then fall off the face of the earth. SIGH. I might join Poetry Friday after this month. I used to be a weekly participant in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? I’d love to have some structure for the rest of the week too. I really like the idea of sharing images. So powerful. I will have to check out the Photo Challenge. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I had found a bit of structure during this past year. I had my Silent Sunday photo only posts to start the week. SOL Tuesdays, The Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge on Wednesday or Thursday and then blogged freely on other days. It worked for me. I do not know if I want to be “locked” in to so many communities that I have to write a certain thing on a certain day. But, I will have to check out Poetry Friday. Several people mentioned that to me. Thanks.


  2. I’d like to find more ways to blog w/ a community, too. I know some participate in Celebrate Saturday w/ Ruth Ayres, but I have not joined that community. I’m thinking about it.

    Lovely photos.

    I’ve also participated in the A to Z challenge during April a couple times, but I think it go so big that the organizers ceased the call for daily posts.

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