Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is for this week is to represent the word Awakening.  The first photo that sprung to mind is the eruption of milkweed in my monarch habitat garden in the spring. Usually, the itch gets too much to bear and forces me to go looking for this sign of spring.  It is also the signal that my beloved Monarchs will (hopefully) soon follow. I say hopefully because their arrival has gotten later and later each year!


Seeds are alive! Did you know? They awaken when the conditions for growth are right! This includes water and warmth.  Below are zinnia seeds that awakened after planting in the spring of 2015.

Zinnia Seeds

Flower bulbs awaken when days get longer and warmer!

Spring Bulbs in a School Garden Awaken with Spring, 2018.

The beach awakens with rays of sun. Black sand Beach, Maui.



Monarchs Awaken to a new life as a Butterfly. Metamorphosis is always an amazing awakening! 

The sky awakens the evening after the solar eclipse of 2017.

aftertheeclipse2017 copy

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