Have you Ever ….. Seen Your Dentist at a Track Meet?

Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days. My husband was up and out before 6 am. He was going to attend a meeting of drivers for a company where he is involved in providing health care services. He was essentially, “a walking – talking advertisement.”

I was out shortly after seven to get to a teacher staff meeting at the school where I am the garden club advisor. Again, an advertisement for the club, encouraging teachers to encourage their students to join next year. I stayed after our meeting to perform spring clean up in the gardens at the school – part of my job responsibilities. But, my husband had volunteered to help, so I took him up on it.  We got a lot done in the two hours we worked!  Of course, with any garden work there is always more to be done. I will go back on Thursday.

The afternoon brought some cloud cover but no raindrops so in late afternoon, we were off to a tennis match down at the local university courts. Our son plays first doubles, having had the same partner for several years. Last year the team won their very first conference title, so they are the one’s to beat this year. Unfortunately, it has been a weird spring here. We got more snowfall in April than I think we had all winter! (I don’t know that for sure but it definitely seems like it is true!) Anyway, you certainly cannot play tennis in the snow, so many practices and even matches have been cancelled. There was a definite lull after the season started! So, tennis was a loss for all matches except for one yesterday. Hopefully, this will improve as matches are made up and played more consistently over the next few weeks. It certainly will make for a busy May!


After watching tennis, we headed to another high school to watch a track meet. Our youngest is a sprinter!  He thrives on competition and has already shaved significant time off of his personal records from last year.  For anyone who has ever been to a track meet, you know there is significant down time. Yes, there are events constantly going on but it is usually few and far between in which there is a race where you see your own child. Patience is required!  Starting to lose some of the day’s warmth, we huddled together on the cold metal bleachers. All of a sudden, my husband is grabbed from behind by a tall, hooded gentleman we know to be our sons’ former dentist. He retired two years ago and we have not seen him since!


Being a gregarious, multi-faceted individual we spent the next twenty minutes talking fruit tree grafting, high school track (his daughter was in the meet as well), and Scott Pruitt of all people. Going to this man’s dental office was always an experience! Conversations held when our sons’ mouths were gaping open about the state of education, the state of our environment, college choices, and sources of wood for projects. He is an intelligent, albeit tangential, but enjoyable person – one we have missed seeing on a regular basis in his office. It was great to see him, although weird, too – at the track meet! And, it was nice he didn’t comment on the sour patch gum my son popped into his mouth in front of him! Oy vey!


The races went on and on and on. Our son did well with his sprints. The relay he was in did not fair as well due to a poor hand-off that he was involved in, but all in all, it was a productive, and fun day! We ended swinging into a off road viewing spot to take in the sunset on the way home – a great ending!

Mississippi River At Dusk, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

Have you ever run into someone you know in an odd place? Let me know in the comments!



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