As May Leafs Out and Rains

As I sit on my couch and look outside,

it is pouring. Rain is steadily pounding our

deck, forming puddles that start as a few droplets but coalesce

into larger pools of shiny wetness. It is a quiet soaking rain, void of

angry thunder and shocking bolts of light.


The house is quiet. I listen to the pouring rain,

a sound I have always found comfort in. It’s steady,

rhythmic, continuous beat signifies the season of

new life.


In the last two days our maple trees have leafed out.

Swollen buds have burst forth with verdant extensions of

tender foliage, not yet thick enough to obscure the branches but

opening upright on the tips of each in almost a smile like fashion.

The plum trees are blooming. Unfortunate is the timing because the

bees will not visit in the rain, signaling a possibly slim summer harvest.



May. It has never been my favorite month. Caught between the end and

new beginnings, Some days full of bright promise, others

so dark with gloom.

Full of transitions, end of year stress, and racing

to finish obligations agreed to

many months before.

Today, instead of more cleaning in the garden bed as

planned, I will stay home, finish some school work and

listen to the comforting

sound of nature as the earth awakens

and becomes green once again.



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