Hot Soccer in the City

Sitting in 95 degree heat at the National Sports Center near the great city of St. Paul Minnesota, parents were finding creative ways to stay cool. Within minutes of sitting next to the field we were assigned, watching the game before us, the sunscreen was pulled out and slathered on any exposed skin. Next, a trip to the car was necessitated to retrieve my lightweight, white, FILA ball cap, and large, although fully school prideful, umbrella. No we were not getting rain – that would have been a relief. My accessories were needed to block the sun. Seriously, it was so hot! Over 95 degrees and humid.

Soon, we saw that one family brought two huge tents one each for the players and parents. I stayed in the sun with my umbrella and ball cap and sunglasses with a couple of other team moms that had similar accessories. It was bearable – barely – although the company was nice.

We talked about taking refuge in the air conditioning of our cars and how smart it would have been to park where we could have watched the game from inside our cool vehicles. But, the environmentalist in me put that idea to shame. So, we stayed in the hot, hot summer city sun, soaking up our soccer players moves and mistakes all the same. If we thought we were hot, they were hotter.

We had options. Our players did not. For more than an hour an a half, this team of 16 and 17 year olds played U19 soccer in blistering heat. My son admitted he didn’t have enough water – which of course was partially my fault, supplying him with only 32 ounces before the game. He drank fluids most of the day, however, so while he was hot and thirsty, he was not dehydrated.  We knew we had to rectify that today by getting a larger thermos for him, as ours is sitting in our basement at home. It is supposed to be 95 again today. Blisters formed on heels from new cleats only arrived by mail the day before our trip to this tournament.  This was not totally unexpected. But, earlier in the week, old cleats were painted by my soccer playing artist, only to have the paint wear off during Thursday morning’s practice. Thankfully, I put those cleats in the car yesterday, right before we left. As ugly as they are now, they’ll be worn today.


Currently, it is 68 degrees with thunderstorms. Have you ever been in the mid-west during a severe thunderstorm? It can be quite intense. But, the weather is slowly calming. A morning trip to a Super Target – satisfied our bandage and thermos needs and game accommodations have already been set. I’ve been glad for the late start and reprieve that has allowed us to just relax.



Sweltering Soccer,

Oppressive Heat,

Intense Rain,

Blinding Flashes of Light,

Rumbling of Thunder and also

Traffic, as it rolls past us at an

intersection. Things

familiar yet strange.



in the




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