While taking a hiatus over the Forth of July Holiday, I thought I would provide some links to past blog posts for your reading enjoyment.

On Reading

The Gift of a Book – August 15, 2017

Searching For a Book – March 27, 2018

On Writing

What Do You Want Me to Write About? February 2018

Writing About Nothing – February 2018

Not Writer’s Block But… October 2017

Gray: A Color Poem, April 2017

On Travel

Drinks of Bermuda, December 1, 2017

Back To Western New York: The First Few Hours, November 2017

Sugar Cane Ditch Tubing on Kauai, January 2018

A Dutch Licorice Treat, March 3, 2018

Christmas Morning on Haleakala Volcano, December 24, 2017

On Monarchs

Monarch Activities in August, August 31, 2017

Monarch Migration Update, May 2018

Monarch Count, August 2018

Monarch Conservation Activities: Inspiring Youth


Look for more on:

On Giftedness

Trying to Be Funny

On Education



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