Cerulean: A Color Poem

Cerulean sounds otherworldly.

Can it be?


Cerulean: a tinge of deep bluish purple in the vastness of outer space.

Rich, yet cold, Cerulean says, “I am deep.”

Deep like a never explored ocean trench,

Deep like the bottom of an ancient water well,

Deep like the color of your loved one’s eyes filled with



Cerulean, can you hear it?

It is the rhythm of ocean waves

Lapping on the side of your kayak when you cannot see

Land any longer.

It is the sound of nature’s hunger.


Cerulean is the not so complete darkness

Covering the sky when the moon is full.

It is the entrance to a cave, damp with dew in the dusk.


Cerulean is the deep hue of a concord grape

that stains your fingers, tongue, and plate, not only with

that deep, endless color but fills you with a taste of autumn.

It is sweet but tangy and unusual,  too.


Cerulean. Do you know it?

Can you see it? Can you hear it?

Can you taste it?










This poem was written two years ago as I worked with third graders as part of a writer’s circle. I always tried to write right along side the students to model what my expectations were. I enjoyed the process as much or more than the results. Color poems are a wonderful way to have students use adjectives and try to create a picture in their reader’s mind. I miss it.


One thought

  1. This is wonderful. I love the colour and the word ‘cerulean’. Your images are wonderful and will enhance my enjoyment of cerulean forever!


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