Tweaking A Blog after 499 Posts!

February 2017 was when it all started for my blog.  I took the plunge and decided to sign up for a month-long writing challenge to start in March of last year by Two Writing

Since that time, I have written almost every day! Proudly, I can tell you that this is my 500th post since February 2017! Wow! I don’t know if I intuitively knew that or not, but last night I decided to spend some time “tweaking” my blog. This entailed looking for a new theme on WordPress and switching it over. About two months ago, I purchased my domain on WordPress and moved it to access premium site themes and benefits but had not any time to do some of the other work, such as searching for  a new “theme” or page layout. Late last night I moved it over to a grid type format but am still learning where everything now is located. And, I am not sure I like the large empty space next to my list of archives at the end of the home page. I do like that if you access the upper right drop down menus by clicking on the three dots,  you can see a gallery of my own photos, and search posts that belong to certain categories.

I often write on education related topics, both pertaining to adults and to traditionally aged students. So, if you click on adult education, all the posts I have deemed to fit that category will pop up and you can read what I’ve written on one particular topic. Another returning topic for my blog is monarch butterflies and the conservation of that species. The most recent eight posts in a category is what pops up. If there are more, you can just page down to “older posts” and click on that.  Other than adult education and monarchs, here are some categories I suggest you check out for reading on a specific topic on which I wrote:

  • Joy
  • Fruit Trees
  • Gardening
  • Any of the Photography categories – landscape, nature, National Parks
  • Gifted Education – my most widely read post is in this category from 4/20/17
  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
  • Educational Reform
  • Travel – Bermuda, Hawaii, The Netherlands, College Campuses
  • Silent Sunday – Photo Only Posts put up every Sunday
  • Gratitude

As you will see there are many categories listed, if something catches your eye, click on it and you’ll see other posts that I had categorized to be similar. Many topics exist in more than one category, so you might see a post pop up more than once. At the current time, there are probably too many categories and by making the categories available to you, I hope to hone my own skills of selecting where the most current post belongs. So, eventually, I hope to condense the category section.

What else can I tell you after 500 blog posts?

  • I still really enjoy writing the blog.
  • It has become a habit or part of my daily life!
  • My average post length is 525 words……it doesn’t take long to read what I write!
  • Last year, 2017, I wrote 137,581 words. And, so far in 2018, I have written 122,910 words.  Over the entire time, my blog has had 11, 536 views, and 6,674 visitors!
  • I have 404 followers……most are people I do not know personally, but instead are interested in reading what I wrote.
  • I regularly receive comments from other bloggers, teachers, and a few good friends.

It’s been a good exercise to tweak my blog on the day of my 500th post! Let me know what you think of the new format. In writing this today, I think I discovered that I can move the long list of archives from the home page because it is also in the drop down menu. This will relieve the large empty space to the right of the list of archives. I hope you spend some time exploring my new blog theme and that it encourages you to read more of my posts, or search for something in my category list that resonates with you. I am looking forward to connecting with more readers as time moves forward. Thanks for being here! Your comments and support are always appreciated!


2 thoughts

  1. It’s good to hear about your summary and reflections, and interesting to know the span of what you blog about. Are these the topics you expected to cover, or have some themes emerged or evolved unexpectedly?

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    1. Initially, my intention was to focus on education and student enrichment. But, I have many interests and am involved in many different things….so most of the themes evolved naturally. It is a little broad, I know. And, my tag line (written initially before I started to write) doesn’t really fit the blog entirely, so I am thinking about changing it. One of the reasons I started including other things is that I needed to relate more to my readers. Not everyone wants to read about education and/or student learning and in addition, I got called on the carpet a couple of times because I wrote somethings that were true but unpopular and not wanted to be shared. I also didn’t want to be a complainer or write argumentatively all the time. I have opinions, yes. And, I think it is okay to express them, as I write only from my own experience. But, still I needed happier, more relatable topics than just educational reform. So, it is what it is……Thanks for your comment.


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