Have You Ever? Cleaned up a Dryer Mess?


I have an occasional returning blog series called Have You Ever? The series offers a chance to look at those oddities of life, some of which you might consider yourself lucky you never get to experience. This is certainly the case with the story today.  Hold tight…it’s about to get messy…..really, messy!

Yesterday, I was catching up on laundry before heading out-of-town. Laundry is mostly my job. My husband can do it and does occasionally throw in a load. I do like to be the one to fold it, however. All my sons know how to do laundry, too. Only my youngest is home right now, and he is a large producer of dirty clothing, especially when it’s soccer season and one of his uniforms is white! There are also warm up shirts, practice shirts, and paint clothes, which he dons as the task dictates. Besides playing sports he is an artist and regularly gets paint all over himself, as well as his paint clothes. This is all beside the point with the exception of the fact that I have been trying to help him out and do his laundry during soccer season, since he’s been putting in 15-17 hour school days!  So, that is what I was up to yesterday.

I was on my second or third load and I opened the dryer to take a load out to fold. After depositing it on the kitchen table where I like to do this job, I returned to the dryer to retrieve the last few socks that were left inside.


That’s when I saw it! Brown smears plastered to the inside of the drum. What is that? I had to wonder. So, I touched it!  Hard, but soft enough to be scraped off.  No smell. Looking further inside, I saw multiple brown spots dotting the shiny inside of the dryer. UGH, I groaned! Chocolate! You have got to be kidding me! There must have been some chocolate inside one of my son’s pants pockets! Oh, there is the culprit – an empty M&M wrapper! Something is stuck to it – a green blob! Ewwww! It’s soft and sticky! Uh! It’s a wad of unchewed green apple bubble gum – that huge, squishy variety! I was so grateful that had stayed in its wrapper for the most part.

Back to the dryer. I realized the quickest way to wipe off the chocolate was to warm the dryer by turning it on for a few minutes. I was dreading folding this load of clothes! But, that would wait as I wanted to clean up the dryer first. After grabbing the Clorox wipes, I opened the dryer to start cleaning up the mess.

It does look like poop, but it’s chocolate in my dryer! UGH!

Luckily, after a few minutes of heat and a wet Clorox wet, the chocolate was easily removed. The clothes, unbelievably, escaped spotting by the melted chocolate! Only one tee-shirt had a spot on the front. I treated it with stain stick and hopefully it will come out with the second washing.

When my husband came in from outside, he saw the pile of wipes on the top of the dryer and the dryer door open. He wondered what it was and why I left it there.  “Well, it looks like poop, but it’s melted chocolate that was inside the dryer!” I went on to further explain that the pile of used wipes, now smeared with chocolate instead of the dryer drum, was there for our son, as evidence of an unemptied pocket and the havoc it could wreak. The evidence also came with a warning: the next mess is his to clean! Ha!


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