Random Thoughts

This morning I’ve been having a few random thoughts, so here they are:

  1. I’m awkward. And, it’s okay to be that way.
  2. Some of my friends are awkward, too. That’s okay, as well.
  3. An ice cream scoop works well to get muffin batter into the cups on the pan.
  4. I’m married to a good guy. He cares about his patients enough to give them his phone number at home. They only occasionally use it.
  5. I hate the sound of construction. – We have too much development going on in our town. Beep, beep, beep. Bang, bang, bang.
  6. This year has been filled with weird weather! Snow in April and October, and lots and lots of rain.
  7. Our grass never burned out this year.
  8. The desert is brown, very brown.  Interesting, but too brown.
  9. I like sending packages to my loved ones. And, I like getting packages, too!
  10. I’m ready to be done with grad school. But, I think I’ll miss it after a while.

There you have it. A short Friday post with random thoughts. If you checked out my post yesterday, you know I had plans to be in my gardens today. But, right now, it’s raining – as usual, this year! Enjoy your day! I’d be happy to hear your random thoughts as well, if you care to comment!

2 thoughts

  1. My random thoughts:
    1. Will it ever rain again? I still have about 300 bulbs to plant, but I can’t get a spade in the soil in most parts of the garden.
    2. Do I really have another cold?
    3. It’s half-term holidays – yay!
    4. I have a hospital appt looming at the end of the week and this is really dominating my thoughts.
    5. I will be meeting an old friend the day after this appt, and this will be fun.
    6. This cup of tea is lovely.
    7. Yes, it really is ok to be awkward. Variety is the spice of life.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your random thoughts! I hope you get enough rain to soften the soil so you can plant your bulbs! And, I hope you feel better and all goes well at your appointment! Have fun with your friend and enjoy that tea! Thanks, again!


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