I was saving this post for a Silent Sunday blog. But, being short on time today, I thought it was appropriate. I frequently joke around and say to my husband that time is not constant. Now, I know any physicist or mathematician would disagree with me, but subjectively, I often feel that it is not.

Examples of the inconsistency of time

Years seem to speed by faster and faster, as we age.

Children seem to grow up in the blink of an eye.

When you are swamped with things to do, time moves quickly.

If you are bored, sometimes an hour feels like five.

When you are on a delayed flight and need to make a connection, there never seems to be enough of it.

Sometimes, if one is lucky, time can be added back to a clock to give us a little more chance to accomplish what we want.

Time Caught in Photos

There have been a lot of photos floating around my social media pages as our high school soccer team is going to play in the state tournament later this week. They are one of the four top teams in their division. Many of these boys have been working at the sport since they were very young. My own son got involved late – in fourth grade!  But, a photo was posted of their park and rec team around that time and ten of the boys pictured (all but a few) are now on this team going to State! That’s a long time to stick with an activity. I’m proud of all of them. Time preserved their hopeful faces then, just like time will preserve their faces of the events of this past week, and those of the next few days to come.  But, the clock will keep ticking, counting down towards the future.

The clock winds down during the soccer match quickly sometimes and not so quickly for others.  It will depend on how the boys are playing, as to how fast the time seems to move. They have desire and ability to win! Hopefully, time will be on their side.


Clock Towers

A few years ago, in 2012, on a trip to the San Diego area, I started taking photos of Rotary Club clock towers. Now, I look for them wherever I go. It’s surprising where you can find them. Our rapidly growing small town has one, the city nearest us has one, there was one in Coronado California, one in Clarence, New York, and even one in Hamilton Bermuda. The clocks are all similar, I’m sure you’ve seen one (or many), and maybe not even noticed them. But, there they are, marking the passage of time – however quickly or slowly it seems to be moving.

Inheriting Time We Do Not Notice

In my own home I have my grandparents glass domed anniversary clock, a large oak Mission style grandfather clock made by my husband, and multiple smaller clocks, also made by my personal carpenter. Clocks are everywhere, yet we seldom notice them unless we need to.


So, today I pay homage to clocks, those that stand in parks around the country as sentinels for time, those that run down and out when we only want a few more seconds, and those in our homes that keep us all on track.  Clocks.

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