The Road to Ames: A Piece of Place Poem.

This started out to be a Poetry Friday post. I’ve written many color poems, some formerly posted on my blog, but I thought it would be cool to do a “place” poem. As I took another road trip yesterday (there’s been a lot of them lately), I noticed many place markers that I could write about. So, here is my first Place Poem….The Road to Ames.


An Early Morning Dusting of Snow and Slippery Roads.

Onalaska Spinout Witnessed.


Two hours Later, Black Ice melted, safe passage secured.

Three Bald Eagles Between Dresback and Dakota

Soaring & Gliding the Bluffs Near the River


Playing Leapfrog with Semi Trucks along Snowy Highways

Snow caught on pine needles and Silos reflecting a white glimmer.

Sun on the left but grey skies on the right, a patch of blue occasionally

shines through.


Dexter. Some Wind Turbines Turn while others do not,

standing sentry like at the opening of the field.

Soon, too, they will wave their arms in the air.

Flat Farm Fields dotted with Hay Bales yet to be stored.


Places Near and Far. Present and Past

On the radio, a Cyclone plays a Purple Eagle. Can it be?

Niagara? The famous word with four syllables, not three.

A place well-known for their river and the Falls, but known to me

as a university at which I used to teach. Odd & cool all the same.


Boondocks! I’m getting close.  Spotty snow squalls add time to the trip.

Open prairie allows wind to rush across the road, only being stopped

by the occasional shrub, truck, or building.  The sun shining for me, welcoming.



My son and some awesome music await.

Arrived in Ames.









2 thoughts

    1. Thanks Peg! I liked writing it and did a lot in my head on the way here but by the time I started to write last night, and finish this morning, a lot of my inspiration was hard to remember! It’s hell to be getting old! I appreciate the comments!

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