Black Friday: Shopping (or Not) & Christmas Music

I have only been out once on Black Friday, the traditionally American, post Thanksgiving activity. It was over twenty years ago. I went to Joann Fabrics first, I think when it opened at 5 a.m. and then met my sister at the mall at 7am. We were done by 10 a.m..

The biggest reason for this is that I do not like crowds. I like deals, however, and have been known to be quite a bargain shopper. But, the thought of crowds always deter me. Honestly, I like shopping early in the morning on a weekday.  It’s nice and quiet then!

So, there is not a lot of discussion about going out on Black Friday. Today, when my husband, son, and sister-in-law left around 10 am to get a bargain at a home improvement store and  large department store, I stayed home.  It was a non-decision for me, despite seeing a couple of items I would consider purchasing, especially on sale.

While I was home, I took the opportunity to do some beading (jewelry making) and played my very first Holiday music on Pandora. It was a nice peaceful time. I love Christmas music, especially traditional hymns or classics.  Some of my favorites include Silver Bells, It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, It’s a Marshmallow World, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, Joy to the World, and more. One of my very favorite CD’s is the Carpenters Christmas Portrait Album. This, and Radio City Music Hall Presents Songs of Christmas, and the CD from the movie Elf are all favorites that will get a lot of play time over the next six weeks.  Over the years I have tried some more modern Holiday music from singers such as Michael Buble’, and Pentatonix. But, I always return to the classics I grew up with – Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Pops Orchestra Compilations, and the Carpenters.  The Elf soundtrack is about as modern as it gets. But, I love it!

I also used a few minutes this morning to make my first batch of holiday treats – Peanut Butter Cups, since my son’s friend will be stopping by to say hello later, and these are some of his favorites!

For me, Black Friday is best observed staying close to home, listening to my favorite sounds of the season and working on some homemade gifts. There is still plenty of time to shop and I’ll do it when it is a little quieter out. When my shoppers arrived home, I  they noted that the lines in the department store that was giving everyone $10.00 if you spent $10.00, were wrapping around the store in both directions. Sometimes, time is more precious than money. They left without spending any.  And, I knew my decision to stay home was the right one for me!








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