Whew! Let’s Pass on the Negativity!

Wow! Do we need a dose of positivity here? Yes!

From silly (read, stupid) articles making the front page of the newspaper to a poorly officiated bowl game last night, my husband and I cannot seem to stop complaining this morning.

Compounding the feelings are again frustrations with technology; this time with the inability to make online changes or select physicians using our new health insurance plan.  My husband got a snail mail notification that his email needed updating, with instructions on how to do it, but the tab on the insurance company site, “My Info,” does not exist! Furthermore, when I went to change my PCP to a provider I wanted, I got a message that I am not authorized to make the change.  And, as we investigated further, neither is my husband! A call will have to be made Monday morning. In the meantime, I downloaded the insurance “network” book that instructs us on “how” to navigate all these changes.  But, again, “My Info” is referred to and as far as we can tell, “My Info” does not exist. Yes, I will be calling the insurance company Monday morning!

And, why wasn’t the “how to book” mailed to us? Well, of course, because it is available on the web! It is a vicious cycle or at least seems to be!

Yesterday, it was problems with his previous employer entering his insurance eligibility status with an erroneous title, that of a “medical resident,” which he has not been for nigh-on to thirty years! He could not file an exemption for retirement because he was classified as a “resident!” After several phone calls, this will hopefully be changed soon!

Lately, very little makes sense when it comes to technology in our house. People seem to forget that information our computers have and what can be retrieved on the systems to which we belong, is very much dependant on what information is put into the computer in the first place.  And, if those systems are not properly and efficiently maintained (by a human), they quickly become obsolete.  We have a feeling that this is what happened with the “My Info” tab on the insurance website.

Last night, I saw a post on how to rewire your brain to be more happy (read, positive) by thinking three grateful thoughts each day for twenty-one days. I decided to try it and repeated to myself that I am grateful for: 1) health, 2) family, and 3) friends.  For the last two nights, I also, without really thinking about why, started to read several short prayers meant to be read in the morning.  I am not a morning person, and like to read at night, so I am reading the prayers when I go to bed instead of when I get up.  It has been very satisfying and centering.  These are two “new” habits I am going to try for the next month.

IMG_1923 (1)
A gray day, somewhere in Wisconsin. © Carol Labuzzetta

As I look outside, I see a gray overcast sky, and snow gently falling. Ahead of me is my lovely living room with a nicely decorated tree holding both newer and some heirloom ornaments that we cherish.  The lights are lit on our banister – a lovely new addition this year that I look forward to continuing.  Life is so good.  We are warm, fed, dry, happy most days, and loved every minute. There really is no need for the negativity. So, the next time I feel the need to complain, I think I’ll pass.

Here’s to a positive only outlook for 2019! Happy New Year!



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