Poetry Friday: A Color Poem of Yellow

Yellow is a daffodil  trumpet,

alerting us to spring.

Yellow is the sun warming,

making all things alive to sing.

Joy and happiness, and even hope, too,

have an aura of yellow just for you.

Yellow is bright or muted or soft,

coming in all kinds of tones to

take you aloft.

Like a cashmere sweater, so cozy and warm,

yellow brings comfort when one seems forlorn.

When I see it, I smile, as it brightens my day,

yellow does not let anything get in its way.

Life-giving yellow, be sun-rays or moon, shares

a way of thinking that just leads me to swoon.

I’ve oft thought other colors would replace, the fondness

for yellow that lives on as grace. Grace in my heart for

all to share. Grace in this color that brings so much cheer.

Yellow will live on in my colorful world as the bright beacon

of light, guiding each and every aspect of life.


This poem was inspired by the book Hailstones and Halibut Bones: Adventures in Color (1961) by Mary O’Neill and by today’s glorious sunrise.  It is an addition to a series of my own color poems that I am working on creating.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2019 for Poetry Friday hosted this week @ The Miss Rumphius Effect.





10 thoughts

  1. I have a strange relationship with yellow. For some inexplicable reason it was my least favourite primary colour as a child, and I still treat it badly. I love getting a hit of yellow in spring from the daffodils, and then I am satiated for a while. By late summer I am ready for more, and Helianthus fits the bill perfectly. We don’t get the beautiful Hibiscus here, but if we did, that would definitely be added!

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    1. The yellow tone of daffodils and Helianthus are the yellows I like best. I also like the yellow tips of Gaillardias. But, yellow petunias? No. But, I do have a few light yellow walls (buttercream) in my home. The hibiscus is from a trip to Maui. We can grow them here but our winter’s are pretty severe so they die off frequently. I used to have large white ones that were gorgeous! So, I have to ask, what is your favorite color? I’m guessing it will be hard for you to pick!


  2. I like this line, a new way of thinking about yellow: “yellow is does not let anything get in its way”. (Now that I paste it in, I wonder if the “is” needs to be edited out? When I read the poem the first time, I didn’t even notice it!)

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