The Unpublished Post

Today, I wrote a post that ended up being over 1300 words long. I worked on it, off and on, over the course of the whole day. Yet, I never felt that I was ready to push the publish button. I kept putting it off.

Now, I just decided to put it in the virtual circular file, or in this digital age, the draft folder.  I think some day, perhaps a few years in the future, or maybe much further in the future, I will compile a book of unpublished posts. I have several.

After writing and tweaking, editing, adding, and more revising, I decided my words were going to stir up trouble. And, the trouble would only cause me frustration. Unfortunately, this has happened in the past and I don’t want it to happen again.  It really shouldn’t. After all, I was only writing about my own experience and my own opinions about that experience.

The Story

In short, here is what I wanted to say.

Last week was finals week at our high school, where the students follow a block schedule. My junior had 12 assessments in three days!!! Twelve!  He was taking four courses, and there was a final in each course. This was to be expected. But, that leaves eight more assessments that were given the day before finals or during the same days when final exams were scheduled and given.

In my opinion, it was too many assessments given during the same time as final exams.

He wondered why all the assessments were bunched together during the last three days of the term.  I did not have an answer, for I wondered, as well.

End of story.

I’m not sure why I needed 1,000 additional words to say that, but apparently, I did.

My words, my story, my writing, all in my circular file. For now.

My husband would tell me I am maturing. Maybe, he’s right. I have my doubts.


3 thoughts

  1. I can only imagine what your thoughts were about 12 assessments crammed into a short period reserved for finals only…teachers who were scrambling for grades. And that’s not fair for the student. So, yes, I can imagine your story was filled with a lot of angst and opinions and maybe…teachers/administrators ‘should’ be more aware of what’s going on. Perhaps, an edited (objective) draft could be sent to the administrator or school board. 🙂


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