A Returning Series: Have You Ever????

Have you ever seen a train pulling brand new tanker cars?

Well, up until today, I had not either! Usually, the trains I see are transiting the rails next to the Great Muddy and carrying cars that are covered with graffiti. Some of it is quite artistic and some cars are just down right ugly! But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Today, we had to drive along this same stretch of road, referred to locally as The Great River Road because it runs through towns right next to the Great Mississippi River! We did not have to go far, but did have to drive about 45 minutes through two or three of these river towns to our destination – a little burg built between the river and the bluffs.

The bluffs make our area topographically unique.  Their existence is proof that our area of Wisconsin was left untouched in the last Ice Age, hence the common referral to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. These unglaciated tracts of land rise high above the river to the east and trap the towns between the water of the Great Muddy and the rise of terra firma to the east in the form of sandstone and dolomite cliffs, outcroppings, and ledges. For more geological information, you can check this page from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

But, while the topography and geology is interesting, and certainly makes our area a treasure in which to live, it is not the focus of my post today! Coming back from our appointment, I caught sight of a train that had brand new tanker cars attached to the engine cars…..ALL the tankers were a brand new, shiny black enamel. It was a train lover’s delight to see those brand new tankers!  I was so surprised and enamored of the sight that I knew i wanted a photo of it!

My car was travelling faster than the train, so soon I passed it.  There are numerous scenic turns offs along this stretch of road. Once I was in front of the train, I found the next turn off and pulled in, waiting. In less than five minutes the train approached, as it ran northward, white light shining in the day as a bright beam, notifying all who noticed a train was approaching. It was frigid out, with a wind chill, again below zero, so I stayed in the car. Through my windshield, I took photos as the train approached with the new tanker cars.








It was quite a sight! What do you think are in the tanker cars?

Have you ever seen a train with brand new tankers?

Let me know in the comments!



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3 thoughts

  1. Cargo? Empty. Check out the spring compression. Were they loaded, they’d be riding lower. Also, no hazard placard and you’re unlikely to have an entire train of corn syrup. Nice photo, though, and it is a beautiful countryside.

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