Track Meets = People Watching

We headed to my son’s track meet yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day! The sky was a clear blue without any clouds. It was 66 degrees without a wind. The weather was great to sit in a stadium and watch a track meet. As we drove through the parking lot without finding a space, we decided to try and find a spot on a side road. Success!

As we walked past the field events, just beyond a chain link fence separating the sidewalk and the athletic fields, we eventually reached a spot where people were both arriving and leaving the meet. We passed an older gentleman, about 80, in shorts headed out. In his hands, he carried a brown bag of popcorn, and was munching happily on the snack. I am fairly sure he came to the meet just to get the bag of popcorn! He was headed out on foot, probably back to his house in the neighborhood down the street. The enjoyment of his snack was palpable to us and palatable to him, I am sure!

Next, we noticed a runner decked out in a uniform for one of the visiting teams. He was outside the stadium, with friends. The young man had hair that was reminiscent of the late 1970’s! His hair was worn in a style we used to call an afro!   It was 6-8 inches out from his skull in a large halo of curls. Let’s just say it was hard not to notice!

After that I told my husband that I thought I had a blog post in the making – a post on people watching!

We settled in our spot in the stands. After a few races my attention was drawn to a man down by the fence in front of the track that looked like my dad! But, my dad lives in New York! The more I watched this gentleman, the more I got  a kick out of how similar his mannerisms were like my dad’s! The way he looked around the crowd, the way he held his mouth slightly open, and the fact he had a beard and wore a baseball cap. Obviously, this man was not my dad, but it was a fun observation! It also made me miss my dad!

Finally, we decided to leave the meet to have a bite to eat. When we were headed towards the car, we passed another elderly gentleman wearing clogs and sporting a cane. He was in his late 70’s, I’d estimate.  It was just an odd combination – clogs with no socks, shorts, and a cane. As we passed him and his younger friends (probably our age – in their 50’s), I heard him say, “that’s why I carry the cane.” I can only imagine what the conversation was really about!

My husband and I have always been people watchers. We used to regularly go to flea markets in Buffalo, or Saturday morning markets in Baltimore where we enjoyed watching all the different kinds of people visiting the same places that we frequented!  This track meet was not any different!

I had one final observation during the meet that seemed somewhat significant.                    It was this: an afro creates a lot of drag while running!

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