Too tired to write….

It’s a little earlier than my regular bedtime tonight, but I’m tired. I worked six hours at the office and did write there – a grant application upon which I’m working.

I also have other things to write but today, at work, the grant took priority. The letters of thanks, solicitation, and evaluation can and will wait for another day.

Tonight, I am tired. After work I met my friend with whom I take a weekly walk. We try to solve the problems of the world all in an hour and a trip around the block. Rarely, do we come up with any solutions.

By 7 pm I was outdoors watering plants – 400 of them to be exact. Tomorrow, 110 will be put in the ground by first and second graders at a local school.

Then, I organized my lesson – writing down what I would tell the students as we put these symbolic representations of PEACE around the pole in the garden. As it flourishes may the concept of Peace, also grow and live. I planned where in the garden these plants would call home for the next five months. Bees, butterflies, and children will visit daily.

Tonight I am too tired to write. Tomorrow’s another day.

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