Turkey Trot

This morning we had a heavy thunderstorm. My planting plans at a local school were cancelled. I am learning that a high degree of flexibility is needed with running events, whether they are work related or not.

Anyway, I have been home all morning. A few hours after the storm cleared, I turned and saw a turkey trotting across our yard! We live on a country road that is well travelled just outside of our village limits. We often have deer, fox, and the occasional coyote run through our acreage. We even had a sandhill crane stop by once!  As transitional agriculturally zoned land, it is not forested. However, we’ve planted a home fruit orchard of thirty trees, over 100 Norway spruce, and have extensive perennial gardens. So, if animals are looking for something to eat, they might well find it in our yard.


As soon as I saw the turkey trot, I was off to get my camera. He was moving fast! By the time I got into my bedroom, where I knew the blinds were up, I just caught him headed for a dense patch of spruce. Out of the spruce flew a black bird of some kind – a barn swallow, perhaps. Whatever the small bird was, he was not afraid of this big bird – A.K.A. the turkey!  The small bird chased the turkey round and round the patch of spruce, making it well known that this was his territory, and not to become the visitor’s.


Soon, the turkey ducked into the patch of spruce. He did not fly off as I expected him to, nor did the chase continue. I waited for several minutes to see what would happen and then gave up. The chase was over. The turkey was hidden, and the black bird had successfully made his stance known.

I suppose this story could have metaphorical implications if one looked for them. A chase. Defending one’s territory. Hiding. And, perhaps a silent stealing away when no one (or no bird) is looking. At least, that is what I assume the turkey’s plan was to be.

In recounting this story at lunch today to my nineteen year old, I asked him and my husband if they remembered the song, Turkey in the Straw.  They claimed to have never heard it. I knew differently.  So, on to YouTube I went and found this early recording of the song ……

Turkey in the Straw 1942 by the Original Schnickelfritz Band and Freddie Fischer.

Enjoy!  And note that whether you see a turkey trotting around your yard or not, we’ve come a long way, baby!

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