Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

Dear Faithful Readers,

I am going to take a much needed break this weekend to enjoy my family! I decided I need to make them a priority for the next few days. My refrigerator is nearly empty, as I haven’t grocery shopped. My husband is working feverishly on our floor in the lower level to get it finished. I have vegetable plants to get in the ground and milkweed to check on.  There are walks to take and life to contemplate. I did manage to teach nearly 400 children this week about our local environments, with more than half of them being taught on the first ever Wisconsin School Garden Day! For that, I congratulate myself and am self – granting this break.

I have not taken a multi-day writing break since I had abdominal surgery in the fall of 2017. Instead of a physical issue precluding my writing, this is a mental and spiritual one. I know that some will worry if they do not see my written word each day.  Therefore, I thought it best to let you know, my faithful readers, that I will be on hiatus until Tuesday.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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