Poetry Friday: I Should Be…..

I should be outside.

It is is almost 8 o’clock at night and still 80 degrees.

The sun makes long shadows over the coulee as I look into the distance.

I should be in my garden.

Still with many plants to connect their roots with the soil,

they urge me on as I still on the couch, leaving them in their plastic to

overheat, whither, and die.

I should be moving.

But, the couch is comfortable and my feet have walked 10,000 steps today.

I am as sleepy as a cat laying in a spot of sunny carpet inside the front door.

Tomorrow is another day.

A day for planting.

A day for watering.

A day for gardening.

A day for moving.

A day for being outside.

Tomorrow will be here soon. Now, I rest.

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