Friday Thoughts

Just because I am short on time today, I thought I’d post some brief thoughts I have this Friday.  Hmmmmm??? What shall I post?

  1. I am writing from a public library! We still need libraries!  Besides books, they now offer movies, music, entertainment (speakers), and this one is having a sale on puzzles! I will have to buy a few (they are 25 cents each) before we leave!
  2. Vacation breeds laziness, or so it seems. I cannot get my “rising senior” (I actually dislike that terminology) to do anything right now.  His excuse? We are at the cabin (with lots of time on our hands).
  3. There seem to be more invasive species where there are more people! Is this a coincidence? We took a walk this morning and saw open fields of wild (native) flowers, but very few invasive species (that I could identify).
  4. Very few milkweed plants are being eaten this year: at home or at the cabin. This tells me there are fewer monarchs.
  5. Doing what you are good at is both enjoyable and satisfying. Doing what you are not good at either breeds a lack of confidence or makes you better at it. The difference might be in your motivation.

That’s it. Time to go fishin’!

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