Starting the Day with Music… Sweet, sweet music.

I should be beading some jewelry.

But, instead I am writing this post.  On my way to work today, I heard Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder on the radio.  It is one of my favorite pieces from this talented singer/songwriter. Immediately, I started singing along and shaking my head, certain to look like a mad woman to all those drivers that went past me on Highway 16 into our small city.

I didn’t care. Hearing this song immediately transports me back to being a freshman in high school. Believe me, that was a looonnnnnggggg time ago. We played the piece for marching band and field shows in the fall of my freshman year.  I played flute but this music, a piece from Wonder’s famous album, Songs in the Key of Life, makes me wish I had taken a brass instrument! Truly, if I could do it all again,  I’d play trombone! I know why I didn’t. I weighed about 90 pounds soaking wet at that time in my life. The vision of me supporting a trombone while marching all over a field is utterly ridiculous!

Anyway, I love that music can transport one’s soul and jog loose memories, to and from another place and time in one’s life. At least, music does that for me.

I hear Heart’s Magic Man and can hear my first boyfriend telling me I’d really like this band.

I hear Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and see my college roommates in a lip sync contest in the old field house, Davis Gym, at Alfred University. Dear Alumni, do you know Davis Gym is long gone?

Spandau Ballet’s True? Again, back to my first boyfriend and early college (post first boyfriend.)

Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel? Our Junior Prom theme when my neighbor was my date, and I his. We were friends. You get the picture.

October by Eric Whitaker brings back memories of some very special performances by a family member in the Wisconsin State Honors band. 

Just you and I by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle, reminds me of my wedding reception when we danced to this as husband and wife.

Any Sousa March? Playing piccolo back in high school, again. Wicked amounts of practice for some of those tunes!

O Holy Night, Christmas Eve Service in Church, when I played my flute to accompany the soloist one year.

I could go on and on. Music. It is part of my life. It makes me happy when I hear a tune I can sing along with or tap my toe or even break into a dance (when I am alone, of course).

What does music mean to you?

What memories are evoked when you hear a song you know?

Did you recognize any of the songs I named?

Tell me in the comments!





4 thoughts

  1. Fabulous post!! Love the songs you mentioned. I played flute, too. My sister got the snazzy brass- French horn. Ha. I LOVE music, too. We had an old wooden stereo cabinet when I was a kid and mom had soooooo many albums and records. We danced every day! Love this post SO much. 🙂

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