When is it too much? And, Other Philosophical Questions!

Lately, I’ve been wondering, philosophically, about the answers to several questions.  Here they are:

  1. What makes some people become crabby, demanding complainers when they get old and others, not? This questions, as maybe with some of my other wonderings, depends on one’s perspective and life’s journey. Maybe, some feel they’ve earned the right to complain. Maybe, as one’s world shrinks, all one can focus on is one’s self. I don’t know.  But, I do know it is an unattractive trait. I hope as I age, I become more tolerant, less judgmental, and more “other” focused than focused on “me.”
  2. When is enough, enough?  When is it too much?   Have you seen a post or similar post over and over and over? One that showcases one person, or one event, or one talent, or one achievement over all others, again and again?  When does it get too much? Have you noticed that the number of “likes” decrease as these repetitive posts are made over and over again? They do, typically.  Just watch the next time you see a trend of repetitive postings, you’ll notice the people engaging with these posts might be high at first and then, dwindle. Sure, share your accomplishments but repeated over sharing? I think it’s a turn off.  And, it looks like others do too!
  3. How many times can a telemarketer call before you’ve had enough? Or, a charity of your choice, calling you day after day after day because you were good enough initially to donate to their cause?  But, unfortunately, that donation signaled an interest to them, so they asked for more. To me, asking repeatedly is a sure way to turn me off. In addition, asking by using the wrong method also turns me away from making a repeated contribution.  If you call me, you probably will not get me to donate. If you send me information by mail – possibly.   But, then if you start calling me, I will not return as a “giver.”

While I was gardening today, I also wondered about reactions to our anniversary. Some of our friends and family have been married more years, some less. There will always be those married longer and those married for less time. It’s all relative. But, instead of “congratulations” what if you hear – “Oh, that’s nothing, we’ve been married XX years.” Well, duh, you’re also 25 years older!  It’s just hard to figure out. Just say your congratulations and leave it at that. Quantifying the achievements of others against your own experience is not necessary in most cases. There will always be someone older, someone smarter, more talented, more beautiful, etc…..Be happy you got to where you are and let others feel the same.

I have other questions moving about in my head also. But, for today, I’ll leave you with these thoughts. When is it enough? Do you have to hear something over and over, until you cave in and donate again or like the post again, or does it turn you away? I know the answer for me. What is the answer for you?


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