What Should I Write About?

Tonight, I am going to admit that lately I have has some trouble deciding what to write about. Partly, this is because life is busy and I feel pressured when I only have a few minutes at the end of the day to come up with something interesting for my blog. Partly, it is because I have spent some of my free time lately with our new puppy. Puppies are both distracting and distractable, thus it is difficult to write when she is awake and nuzzling at my toes.  Some of my writing time has been consumed by restocking my inventory of handmade jewelry.  So, in essence, I traded time spent on one hobby for time to spend on another.

I do have lots of ideas for blog posts.  Recently, I have considered writing about the following:

  • Gifted Education – This is a continual topic of interest for me as have I observed how gifted students are perceived and serviced in the public school sector for the last twenty years. Today, a post caught my eye that perfectly explained how I feel about gifted education.  Maybe you’d like to read it and share your thoughts. It can be found here.  Giftedness is part of the educational spectrum of students.  And, those at one end of the spectrum need as many services like those at the other. They are all part (or should be) part of special education. But, gifted education is not funded in many states, despite the mandate that services be provided. All too often, however, those services are insufficient and not well administered due to the prevalent thought that gifted students will be okay, even if nothing is done in school to challenge them or meet their needs. This thought process could not be further from the truth, but forces parents to find ways to meet their child’s’ needs. The same article referenced discusses the support that parents of gifted children need due to the constant need to provide advocacy for their child. This is just like the constant need for advocacy for those with a cognitive, behavioral, and/or emotional disability. It is draining and frustrating for both child and parent. As my last child completes his senior year in high school, the advocacy becomes his burden to bear.  It is how it should be. He has learned, however indirectly, that getting his needs met requires persistence, assertiveness, and some degree of social skill. Are you interested in reading more about giftedness?
  • I have considered writing about issues affecting our environment. By training, I am an environmental educator. There are many topics worth exploring beyond my Monarch Butterfly posts, even though they are a favorite of mine, personally.  What are you doing to help mitigate climate change? Do you know what climate change means for you? For our country? For the global community as a whole? Did you participate in the recent Climate Strikes? Why? What did you learn from the experience?
  • Leadership is another topic I like to write about. I just completed my third book in the last month about leadership styles and successful leadership. The book was written by a man who was part of the leadership of the Xerox corporation at its height.  I have another book on my nightstand on leadership that I’ll have to start soon. Who do you know that is an excellent leader? What qualities do you admire most in them?
  • I still like posting about my gardens, and travel. It’s just that I haven’t had a lot of time for either lately. I am hopeful that will change. Do you have hobbies such as gardening, travel, crafting, or reading? Have you learned a new skill in middle age? If so, what was it and how did it go for you?  I’ve been thinking about learning how to quilt lately.  I used to sew quite a bit, so I have basic skills – probably more than basic skills as at one time I made all the window treatments for our home when we were first married.  However, I already have many hobbies – more than I have time for, so I am very unsure about adding another.

By not knowing what to write about, I shared with you some things I am thinking of writing about. What are your ideas? What do you like to read about? What do you want to learn about?  Let me know!

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