I am stealing a prompt from an author I know from the Slice of Life Challenge on WordPress. When she is short on time she will often write a post called currently. This refers to what she is currently doing.


I am at my kitchen counter, typing my blog post.

I am tired. Very tired.


My middle son turned 20 years old today.

We had a turkey breast for dinner

and will have cheesecake for dessert in a little while.

It is his chosen “cake.”


I want to sleep. But, I know it is too early.

Sleep is always my escape. I know this

and welcome it at times.  It is okay.


I have two more days of work.

Then, I return to being a volunteer.

At least for a while.


I am waiting for my youngest son to arrive home. 

He went to purchase supplies for the soccer float for the

Homecoming Parade at the High School.


Our puppy is with my husband.


I am done with writing for today.


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