Was Your Snowblower Tuned Up?

To celebrate today’s snowfall here in the upper mid-west, I thought I’d share some snowy pictures of year’s past.   Today, snowblowers were utilized. Some, I am sure, before even being tuned up for the season. Schools in the more rural, hilly areas had a delayed start. And,  our puppy got to experience snow for the first time.  I seems early for a first snowfall, doesn’t it? Regardless, today brought the weather we will have on and off into next April in Wisconsin.

Snowshoes laid out before a hike last February. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019


April Snowfall on Tulip. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019
Train running aside the Mississippi River last February. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019
Frost on a Coneflower Seed head. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019
46694887_1941141375923820_5153558394073776128_n (1)
Alfred University, last November. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019
Snow-covered crabapples, anyone? Last April!  © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019.
IMG_7007w (1)
Wild Indigo Seed Pods. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019
Sun over Snow © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019.

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