Dealing with the Post Holiday Blahs

Well, it’s three days after the Christmas Holiday and I feel blah. This is a normal occurrence for me, and for millions of other people, I suspect. While each year passes, I hope that I do not feel this way after the holiday, but, I usually feel it anyway.

This year was slightly different in that I  did not get as worked up about food, presents, the timing or content of our meals, family member work schedules, or calling relatives. It was an improvement for me. Another improvement was that I went to church on Christmas Eve. I have always enjoyed this and am glad I made a return to doing it.

My state of being is not about presents and what I received or didn’t. It’s more about how I feel – tired and blah. Typically, I try not to do a lot of running around during the busy holiday week. I like to have my shopping and baking (8 types of cookies this year) done the week before as well.  And, I did. I was even decorated before my usual goal date of December 10th. I also got things wrapped and shipped in a timely fashion as well.

So, I was successful in executing our holiday. Truly, planning and executing events has never been a problem for me personally or professionally. It’s just what happens to me afterward. It’s the blah-ness and I have to admit, some boredom that set in. Schedules are off. People are at loose ends. Routines are disrupted. And, all that is okay – even, welcome. Having all three of my boys home for the holiday is a joy that cannot be described.

I just wish I dealt with it all better. And, I’d really like the gracious afterglow of a truly joyous holiday not be shadowed by blahness a few days later. I do suppose some of this is related to our family all living in another state. Our holidays are very quiet. And, while we are used to that, it doesn’t absolve the blah-ness.  I also blame some of this on years of shift work that we always had to work around during the holiday season, but now we don’t. I do not think we’ve quite made the transition to not having to consider a work schedule.

So, today, I ‘ve spent some time considering how to handle post-holiday blah-ness.  In the past, we’ve traveled over the holidays, twice going to the beautiful island of Maui. There is little that compares when it comes to mood improvement than when you can exit your condo/hotel in shorts at 68 degrees on December 28th, at ten o’clock at night! But, one cannot take a family of five to Maui every year – or, at least, we can’t.  That being said, the last time we were there was 2015, so we might be due for a holiday trip.

The other thing I am considering is changing my own way of doing things. Decorating is more of a chore than joy for me. Things come out of storage and get placed around the house, almost out of a sense of duty rather than desire.  This year, I might be more inclined than ever to reduce and recycle some of our older, less used, and less precious decorations as I put them away. I do, however, really like to bake. I see more of that in my future!

This year, I wanted to decorate the front porch/entrance (which is very small in this house) and never got to that. Next year, I will make the porch a priority. We rearranged things to accommodate our new puppy this year as well, and while I understood and even spear-headed that change for safety reasons, I am still getting used to it.  The dog (a lab) has been sensitive to the holiday hustle and bustle (even though we don’t have much of it) and is off schedule herself – not eating breakfast until close to noontime.

Lastly, I am going to try the “CALM” app on my phone. I know of several people that use this and want to give it a shot. I know it seems counterintuitive that I am feeling blah and will try a calming app but perhaps it will stop my mind from racing which contributes to my state of being. The blah-ness will pass in a day or two – of this I am sure.  A new year always brings the hopefulness of fresh starts and the energy needed to carry them out. It will soon be time for a Happy New Year once again!