Black: A Color Poem


Black is the night

When there is no light in sight.


A rarity these days when instead of stark,

Our Earth glows in the dark.



Black is a hole from which

you cannot emerge.



Endlessly falling into the depths

Until you find yourself submerged.



Black is a classically styled dress

All fancy and new.


Worn to impress your suitor

Or, others who view.



Black is a cast iron pan,

Seasoned with grease.


Cooking on these darker days,

can give us all some peace.



Black is the superstition of a cat to which

You are afraid of being too near.


It can represent strong emotions,

Just like other humans you now fear.



Black is an Onyx so brilliantly gleaming,

That you can imagine your grandma’s bracelet.

And, when you do,

the memory sets your tears streaming.



Black is a color that is often maligned,

but is it one of my favorites, I cannot deny.

All the colors in one, this dark handsome hue,

Black is a color that for me remains so true.


I could not let the Slice of Life Challenge end without a Color Poem. Color poems are great projects to work on with children. They can really grab some great images to put with their words.  During our month-long poetry unit with Writer’s Circle, color poems were always a favorite!  My inspiration for these poems comes from Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O’Neil (1961). It is a classic book that I’ve used as a fantastic mentor text with my former students. If you are interested in this type of poem, I would highly recommend checking O’Neil’s book out!






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    1. Thank you for visiting! My writer’s circle students really liked writing color poems. I had a couple of guidelines – 1) they color a commonly named color, 2) they draw pictures to go with their word images. A couple of the student poems were even published in a poetry compilation!

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  1. I have “Hailstones. . .” and it is a wonderful mentor text for colors. Looking and appreciating the colors of our world as you have in your poem that shows such variations captures our lives now, a diary of sorts! Thanks for sharing & best wishes to you for good health this tough time.

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  2. I know that book, Carol. I still have in my poetry collection as a shot from the past. Your opening started me thinking about the color gray that seems to appear each morning. A color like black has so many options to it that attach to our moods. Thanks for making me think about the color gray today and how it is affecting my psyche.

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  3. Wonderful poem! I especially like the section about the onyx bracelet — it takes me back to playing with my mother’s necklace of black beads.

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