Doggie Doldrums? Nope! Just Love.


Have you ever heard your dog give a great big sigh? Or, does your dog think up things to do to get your attention if they are bored?  Today, I ask the big question – how are our pets doing with the Safer at Home order?

The answer is probably better than us!

Although our dog will occasionally dig in my husband’s coat pockets for his gloves or steal socks when she feels some attention is needed, she is definitely getting more loving than on days before the pandemic.

Master – Pet walks have doubled. Instead of one long walk in the morning, our dog now gets two – with an afternoon walk accompanied by both me and my husband (who is the morning walker). We have all of our boys home right now, so that is more petting, belly scratching, and attentive whim fulfilling play sessions than before!

Did you know praise is better than a treat for a dog?! It is! On a recent NOVA episode, Dog Tales, we learned that dogs’ brains receive more feel-good hormones and activity than when they just receive a treat! We are sure to give our pup tons of praise! And is she getting more because of the Safer at Home orders? You bet! More people at home = more praise for the pup!


Personally, I’ve developed a habit of playing with her inside for 15-20 minutes in mid-afternoon. She doesn’t like to give up her toys but does a great job at fetching when she does! And, speaking of toys – she’s gotten so clever that she can hold three in her mouth at the same time! That’s a big mouth!

IMG_0498 (1)

Molly, our ten-month-old labrador retriever, knows she’s got it good. And, I’m not talking about getting scraps from the table!  No, we don’t do that.  I’m talking about good old fashioned love.  As the old Robert Palmer song goes, I think she is “Addicted to Love”!


Whenever my husband or boys leave the house to go out to our barn, she goes to the window and watches. And, watches. And, watches. Until they come back! She knows they are a source of the love she receives.

And, when her tank if filled. She naps. Long, peaceful periods of sleep. Until she’s ready to get some love again!


The pandemic has been a good thing for our dog – she has us all home doting on her!

I don’t know who is luckier her, or us!


4 thoughts

  1. I love this post about your dog. Like you, I have been enjoying the time spent with my pup over the last several weeks, and she is OVER THE MOON that I, as her person, am around her all the time now.

    My students get a kick out of seeing what she’s up to. Will she be lying directly at my feet? Parallel or perpendicular to the couch? Will she perk up an ear if her name is called, or if someone asks if she’s a good girl?

    Thanks for sharing this sweet post.

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    1. Awe! Thanks so much! We love the doggie antics and especially when she moves those eyebrows up and down or cocks her head! Even though our boys are all nearly grown, they all love having a new pup in the house! (We previously had cats!) Thanks for your comments!

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