Saturday Silk

Sometimes days just go right, ya know?!  Today is one of those days!

Last night our youngest got home from LA. He’s safe, had a great trip, and is still sleeping off (10:30 a.m.) what was a very busy week of work, collaboration, and networking with other artists. We are very proud of him.  In the next two weeks, a YouTube video will be posted on their joint project.  I’m excited to see it!

I’ve been busing myself with updating my fabric mask inventory.  At this point, I have made well over 300 masks!  My WI Badger masks are my most popular and now are fully restocked.  The fabric store had been out of any NCAA fabric for weeks! I topstitched ten masks and am ready to cut more today.

Mid-morning is my “coffee break” time and this morning I tried something new.  I made myself an Almond Milk Latte a sprinkle of cinnamon! My husband and I are on a diet (not radical) but we both want to lose ten to fifteen pounds. It is only day five but we are both seeing some progress! I’ve never seriously dieted before and to see some visible progress is encouraging.  We are recording everything, food or drink, that goes in our mouths and staying away from anything with sugar. Thus, the alternative to cow’s milk.

I have to admit that the smell, as I heated the almond milk, bothered me a little and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it to my mouth. But, I thought a dash of cinnamon would help and it did! My cup looked so professional too like a barista made it! See what I mean? Silky Saturday!

My husband’s been doing odd jobs like cleaning our grill, moving a piece of furniture from the garage back into the house (a piece he made but wasn’t wanted in any of our son’s bedrooms any more), and exercising the dog.

The sun is out, the temps are down, and our windows are open. Yup, my Saturday is running as smooth as silk so far! I hope yours is too!

Swallowtail in my yard. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020

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