Slice of Life Tuesday: The Time Crunch

Organizational skill is one of my strengths, however, the time crunch still gets to me.

Lately, the things keeping me busy are 1) making masks (over 300 now), 2) writing my blog, 3) adjusting to a new diet (see yesterday’s post), 4) processing tomatoes for salsa, 5) raising and tagging monarch butterflies, and 6) getting ready to go to our cabin again for a short stay.

I’ve been selling my masks on Etsy as well as donating (a 1:1 match) to local schools and colleges, as well as some teacher friends. So, packaging the masks and getting them to the post office also occupies a small amount of time.  Planning and cooking for the new diet takes up more time than just cooking anything we feel like. My husband and I are also recording everything we eat. And, then, there is time for exercise thrown in, too.  It all takes time!

I’m trying to get to my poetry but never have the time. I’ve gotten as far as compiling what I have, giving it to one person for proofing, and that’s it. I want to start formatting it into book form, but there will be a learning curve to that, as I’ve never done it before. I did take a webinar by a published author so I have a small amount of guidance from which to work.  I just don’t seem to get to it.

Maybe, this is because I know I am going into uncharted waters (for me). Maybe,  it is because I don’t want to fail. Maybe, it’s because I would like one more person to proofread what I have.  I really do not know why I am not getting to this step, other than I haven’t made time to do it. I’ve let other things take precedence.

So, today, I’ve promised myself time this afternoon to sit down and start to organize and format my poetry, even if it is only for a two-hour block. I need to get to this and move forward.

And, so, I shall. I will take the time to do it.


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. Thanks to and their supportive open forum for reflective writers to share their thoughts, creations, and inspirations with others! I’ve been a contributor to this forum since 2017.




4 thoughts

  1. I admire your drive to get your poetry published! For me, it seems hard to even let anyone know that I try to write poems, much less be brave enough to publish. Your determination will get you there. I like your reflection here because it reminds me that we all have hopes and dreams that sometimes take a back seat to daily life.

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    1. Thank you! I apolize for my late reply! Publishing is something I’ve always wanted to do but never seem to get around to doing. My poetry is first on the iist because I seem to get a nice reader response to it. It is hard to put oneself out there though. Thanks for the confidence you have in me!

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