National Dog Day & Puppy Love

If you had asked me a year ago, I would not have known that today is National Dog Day! The internet just informed me that it is! Being a former cat person, I never knew how much dogs can add to one’s life. I still miss our cats, Lewis and Clark, who both have been gone several years now.  However, I could have never guessed what a great addition a dog would make to our family!

IMG_2690 (2)

Molly, our yellow labrador, just turned one-year-old at the end of June. So, that makes her 14 months old now. Still very much the puppy, she wants to play and greet all the people we pass on a walk or who come to our home with loving enthusiasm.  Most people, I assume, those that know and love dogs as well, understand this about her.

Our dog is probably like most people’s dogs. She’s inquisitive, demanding, lovable, expressive, and hysterical at times. This morning we played fetch for 20 minutes with her “sharkey” toy. She’s not the best at releasing or obeying the “give” command, but today she did better than usual. She had no distractions since it was just she and I at home. I find that works best when playing. She likes distractions.

LIke out in the yard – each and every gopher hole has to be sniffed out and investigated, always to no avail.  Along the trail, she watches the squirrels, leaves, and movement in the woods. She is a hunting dog who doesn’t get to hunt. But, you see can what’s in her genes by watching her movements.

She’ll return any love you give her and even ask for it too, much more directly than a coy feline! But, sometimes you just want that cuddly, fuzzy body to come and sit with you. Just as I told Molly she wasn’t as cozy as a cat, she crawled up next to me and draped her front leg and paw over my legs. HA! I’ll show you, I could see the words in her eyes!


Yes, cats are independent and can be left for a few days to travel. That’s great and we did take advantage of this characteristic when we owned cats. But, who’s traveling now anyway? Right now, usually, when we go, the dog goes. She travels well and adjusts easily to new surroundings, which is really more than can be said about cats.  If we cannot take her, she is boarded. She loves going to doggie daycare, which is the same place she goes to board.  It is nice that we have a place to take her when we need to or when she needs to play with other dogs.

Do I miss our cats? You bet! But, I never knew puppy love before now, and I’ve got it bad!



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