Slice of Life Tuesday: Voting

National Mall as seen from the Lincoln Memorial, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019

Voting in America 2020: A Perspective Poem

I cannot seem to focus today. You probably know why and, so do I.

Our country’s future seems on the line, but in reality it might be just fine.

My vote has been cast, early this morning, so I am not last.

At the polls, not much of a crowd. Everything seems streamlined, safe and proud.

To the media, I will try not to tune in. I don’t want to hear their explosive din.

I’ll go about my usual day, maybe taking a moment to pray.

And, hope civility will return instead of everyone taking a burn.

A vote is a voice in a race that states your choice.

It is a freedom we enjoy and must all employ.

So I did my duty, and cast my ballot for more beauty.

A more beautiful world, instead of all the insults that are hurled.

Let’s work together I hope the citizens cry. I did my part and now will sip my Chai.

The Washington Monument. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. I am offering an “off the cuff” poem written after voting this morning. In the last week, I’ve written two substantial posts – somewhat of a political nature – which is something I rarely ever do. If you would like more substance you can check out those posts. Thanks!

Dumbfounded over Division

When Leaders Don’t Listen

Thanks to for hosting this weekly forum.

11 thoughts

      1. I am happy for the good news that arrived. Happy for you, happy for USA and happy for the world. It is going to take time to restore and mend things and it is possible.


    1. Hi! Yes, I think a lot of people are staying away from the news right now. I’ve managed to tolerate about an hour a day in the last two days just to stay abreast of things. You are right, however, we all do our part and then just have to wait. Stay well!

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    1. Thank you so much! I take hundreds of photos on our trips. I especially love the buildings and monuments in D.C. at night. I hope you continue to be able to stay away from the media’s “din.” Hopefully, soon we’ll have an answer and things will quiet down. (We can hope, right?!)

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